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Your Beautiful Life is Calling. Are You Listening?

Are you listening? Your beautiful life is calling.

When your essence is calling you, you need to run toward it with all of you, not with doubt and trepidation. This is about living life with passion, and living your dreams.  Do you remember when that little nudge called you last?  Do you believe and listen or have you forgotten?  When you are truly passionate about your life, you will be joy-full and fulfilled.

Maybe you are being called to do something that has never been done before, something original.  Or maybe something completely different from what you are doing, that others are doing already. When you do these things with passion and engagement, they will raise you to a new level of your best you, and your true joy.

Don’t lose yourself in the mundane…

In my practice, I have seen many, many people that have become “walking robots” so to speak.  Working and doing the same things that they don’t like to do every day, living someone else’s dreams, just making money to “make ends meet,” being almost like roommates with their spouse or family members.  Many of my clients have forgotten who they REALLY are, or what they like even!  They can tell me what foods they like, but many people don’t know their purpose, they forgot what they love to do, they don’t have fun, and have lost their joy for life.

Fight for your passions!

Or maybe we are only happy about only one thing we do.  I see this with males in my practice, more than females.  Some males love to fish, and are happy when they can fish with a beer, but don’t really love their job or life otherwise.  They are passionate in an exclusive way. This often leads to pain, as we may start only being happy when we are fishing, or doing our one thing we are passionate about.  And many women don’t remember who they were or what brings them joy.  They have lived their lives for others – children, employer, spouse, parents, and others for so long, that they forgot their own essence.  Women are good at that, being caretakers of everyone except themselves.

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Buddha said, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

Create a life FULL of passions

What I wish for you is a life filled with passions.  A life that is in touch with your essence on all levels, and has gotten absolutely involved in every aspect.  This is truly living your beautiful life.  Mindfully doing everything you do, because you are engaged and involved, and love your life, your essence.

Buddha said, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.  After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

What I believe he meant is that you will always have the mundane tasks to do, because life involves that, but you can do them intentionally, enjoying the little things, and changing your perspective to finding the joy and beauty in them.

Sometimes we think that we will be happy, when we get this house, this job, this much money, or this relationship, etc.  We can get trapped into thinking about “having.”  Then you think, “How can I have all this?” The moment you start thinking how to get it, and many of us choose professions based on money, not really what is our passion.  And then we begin to identify with the role, get our ego involved by thinking we have really become something and that is when our problems can start.

This can cause two problems: 

  1. An endless pursuit of “having” in order to be happy &
  2. An ego-identified position.

This is the basis of an unfulfilled life.

Life can change on a dime, and it does.  It is not a question of IF, it is WHEN.  And if we are solely identified by our role, or by our material things, we will be sad and devastated if either or both are taken away.

We must first be happy with ourselves, our being.  Joy and passionate living are not outside of ourselves, or contingent on another person, or thing.  Then, whether we get to have what you desire or not, we will still be full of life, okay with ourselves, and living life happily. The quality of our life is decided by our way of being, and not what we acquire or have.  First be need to be okay with ourselves, and re-member who we are, then we can make the shift to DO what is in tune with our essence and purpose, and then we can HAVE what we need and supports who we are.  If we make this shift to “being, doing, then having,” then we will experience a lot more joy and passion in our lives.  Even when we are doing the mundane.

Your true essence, your being is calling, both from within and without. Only when you truly respond to this call, will you know joy in your daily life.  And sometimes, if we don’t listen, things can fall apart to get us to try to fall back together again, in the right way.  Crisis can be an opportunity. Breathe, you are amazing and wonderful.

Are you listening? Your beautiful life is calling.

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