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susanne sitting on top of cliff meditating

Find your motivation

Finding your motivation may seem like a tough thing to do. However, think about this: Josef Ajram, Spain’s top endurance athlete, has completed the Marathon de Sables by only ever allowing himself to think about the next 15 minutes. If you don’t know what the Marathon de Sables is, it’s a 243km (151mile) run across the Sahara desert that takes place over 6 days.

“I will run another 15 minutes. Come on. Anyone can run another 15 minutes.” – Josef Ajram, Spain’s top endurance athlete

If Josef Ajram can repeat these words and find them a complete source of motivation to continue such a stunning feat, and to stay on top as a top endurance athlete, you can find your own motivation, too!

Develop the habit of completion

When you’ve found your motivation, you’ll be able to finish that creative, inspired project that you need to complete. Or, maybe you’ll finally be able to tackle that pile of papers that doesn’t seem to get any smaller.

When you do, you’ll feel so much better! Self discipline and the habit of completion make you feel terrific and you’ll finally accomplish your goals!

If you’re struggling with any of these things, let me know! I specialize in:

No matter your goal, I am available to you, at any time. – Susanne, xo

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