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susanne in a yoga pose

Open your heart and find peace

How can we find peace in the ordinary, when the world outside tells us that we always need to be running, doing, or that we are not enough? When society tells us that we need more things, we need to be more? These things aren’t the things that will open your heart and help you to find peace.

susanne in the camel yoga pose

Open your heart to find peace.

To open your heart to the ordinary, to find joy in the ordinary – that’s what it’s all about. It’s also very hard work.

Most moments and days are ordinary.

We are complicated creatures. We both desire the extraordinary and want to be rescued from the ordinary.

Bloom right where you’re planted

To be happy with the mundane and the ordinary – that is peace.

To bloom right where we’re planted, to find peace and joy in the moments we have – that is extraordinary.

By being at peace in our current ordinariness, we are illuminated to extraordinary – our essence, our uniqueness, our loveliness is revealed.

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