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Love is The Highest Vibration

Love is the highest vibration

Love. The highest vibration, the energy we all want to feel move through our heart, our mind, our very soul. We can’t touch it or measure it. We can’t really describe it. But we feel it, it is always positive.

Sometimes you float along in life, wanting love, connection, the deepest heart connection. But Love sometimes surprises you, it doesn’t just show up how you think it will. And it is always better than you imagine it will be. You can’t force it, will it to be, or make it happen. It’s a beautiful mystery.

Blessings to the one who knocks at your heart’s beautiful door. Love is a beautiful, sacred gift. We feel it for our family, our pet, our beautiful life. Love comes at unexpected times, and in a most unexpected way! Be prepared to be shocked, to tell your story in the future….as love comes as a miracle, every time.

We’re imperfect humans in the most beautiful form

We are humans, imperfect beings sometimes, in a most beautiful form: body, mind, emotions, spirit. Be prepared to have a human experience with this divine emotion, this divine energy called love. We won’t be perfect, we’ll injure and get injured. But if we open to love, we will be better for the experience, however long or short it is. Love is always a gift.

Remember, Love doesn’t make mistakes. Open your beautiful heart to receive Love and Love with wild abandon. Life is short and love is the sweetest of gifts.
~ Susanne xo

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